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New kitchen, new oven and just in time for Christmas dinner. Great day to try out the spit roasting function...


and after:

at the table:

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Oooh, lovely!

I roasted a chicken for Christmas but was too sick to do anything other than stick it in a pan and cook it till it was done. Then other not-sick folks cracked into it and ate it all up before I could snap a photo.

What all else can you do on that spit? Doner Kebab, perhaps?
Hmmmm, yeah I could do skewered meat and a very small pig I guess....not that I would though. I'll have to read the book a bit and see. You can't see from that picture, but besides the usual stuff, this chicken also had a carrot up its bum! That's what happens when I let David loose in the kitchen without supervision.
Wow!! Thanks--that is beautiful :)